Eain at a desk in Krakow

The Irish connection.

Now that all of the I’s have dotted we would like to welcome Eain to the team. Eain will be working to develop our existing customer relationships and to develop new partnerships. Based in Wexford in the South East of Ireland and a regular visitor to Krakow, Eain will divide his time between Poland and…

Appliscale’s new office

January was a remarkably busy period for us. New year, new challenges and the NEW office in Krakow. We just moved to a nearby HERBEWO OFFICE COMPLEX at Prądnicka 4 Street. You can find us on the 1st floor. We’re almost done with furnishing and equipping our new headquarters. With 144 square meters of space, nice…

Konrad talks functional programming

Yesterday we came again to Katowice to attend Functional Miners meetup. Konrad performed some live programming showing and discussing with attendants core concepts of functional programming. You can check the it here. Be warned! This is pretty advanced stuff 😉 For functional enthusiasts only.


Konrad Kaplita – Functional Programming Building Blocks https://t.co/Xbsup6Krl5

Appliscale offsite in Krynica

On our first company trip we headed to Krynica Zdrój to get some fresh air, hike a little and get to know each better. Without any strict agenda we spent 2 days in Czarny Potok sharing our experience on our past projects, discussing new challenges and opportunities for new ones and getting some good old…